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"I used to think I was invincible. My physical condition and over ten years of success in my sports career supported this belief. My body was my presentation card, always my best weapon. But then it happened. I participated in three world competitions in a very short time, resulting in a severe injury to my right leg. After emergency surgery, the doctors said the only way to recover, without guarantees of full recovery, was absolute rest. I thought I was going crazy. I was trained to endure pain, to ignore it, and to push myself in any situation, to always fight to the end, whatever it took. But I wasn't prepared for this: to stop suddenly, without guarantees, and no plan. I quickly fell into depression, and my anxiety levels rose in ways I had never experienced before. Then I found Tyrion. At Tyrion, they listened carefully to me. Laura and Nicole offered me shelter. They created a tailored program focused on my needs: medical attention, physiotherapy, sports recovery training, psychological care, mindfulness, a nutrition program, and leisure activities. I didn't know them, but I had a strong intuition that I had to go there. For four weeks, I felt the necessary comfort and calm to regain confidence in myself. They coordinated every week with my regular sports coaches in the USA. Mallorca is the Mediterranean paradise everyone dreams of. After a month, my leg was still not functioning at 100%, but my state of mind was confident, calm, and ready for the next challenges life would bring. I only have words of gratitude and highly recommend this program if you are a peak performance athlete."

Peak Performance Athlete


"I would describe myself as a strong, self-made woman. I began working at the age of 16 in the fashion industry as a wardrobe assistant. This world was fascinating to me, and I felt like a fish in water in this field. Growing up surrounded by fashion, I moved through various prestigious brands in Paris, NY, Milan. After decades of accumulating knowledge, I decided to establish my own brand. The beginnings were tough, but we quickly found success and the company soon tripled its workforce. For the last two years, I was working 14 hours a day, constantly attached to my laptop and phone. Insomnia set in, and anxiety manifested physically with tachycardia and cold sweats. One day, I woke up to find the middle of my face paralyzed. At the hospital, a stroke was ruled out, but the paralysis was linked to exhaustion and stress. Desperation set in, with depressive thoughts invading my mind. I never wanted to stop, but now my body had forced me to. The doctors recommended a long-term retreat to recover my nervous system. Fortunately, I found Tyrion. They offered comprehensive care with top medical specialists and a wonderful life coach who nearly saved my life. During my six-week stay, though challenging, I felt secure, supported, protected, and guided. I've learned that my greatest achievement, apart from running my business, is taking regular time for myself. I plan to return next year, beyond symptom recovery, simply for the peace that Mallorca and the team provided. Many exclusive retreats exist, but if you're seeking a highly qualified, holistic, and human team, you'll find it at Tyrion. My deepest gratitude goes to them!"

Business Woman


Man in stunning nature Valledemossa Mallorca

Triumphs of Our Guests

Discover stories of those who‘ve walked this path before you. From high-performing athletes to top-tier professionals, our guests have overcome their struggles and emerged stronger, calmer, and more self-assured.

Discretion is essential to us. This is why we do not provide our clients names. ​

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