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Our Essence

Embracing an ancient ayurvedic wisdom that true healing comes from within, at Tyrion Exclusive Retreats, we embody this philosophy. Our journey through personal trials has not only strengthened us but also infused us with compassion and wisdom. We are here to guide you beyond a mere escape from the everyday. Our retreats are a sanctuary where you will find the support and professional expertise necessary to navigate through life's darker moments. We listen to your story with care, working alongside you to select the retreat that best meets your current needs, ensuring a transformative experience to rediscover your best self.

Laura Picó and Nicole T. Blay founder of Tyrion Exclusive Retreats

Humanity at the Heart: The Tyrion Approach

Humanity is at the heart of our approach. We believe that true professionalism begins with being a compassionate human being. That's why we've meticulously chosen each member of our team: individuals who are not only highly qualified and successful in their fields but also continually updating their knowledge with the latest methods and techniques. Most importantly, they are people who can deeply connect with you, addressing your physical, mental, and emotional needs. Meet our team of dedicated professionals who are here to journey with you.

Team of Tyrion Exclusive Retreats

Dr. Med. Carsten Henningsen

Specialist in internal medicine (especially cardiology and gastroenterology), he studied in Hamburg, England and Brazil. In Mallorca since 2009. Founder and managing partner of Palma Clinic.

Dr. Med. Carsten Henningsen

Prof. Dr. Patric Garcia

Specialist in Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery Professorship University Hospital Muenster (Germany) Medical Director of TOM-Mallorca.

Prof. Dr. Patric Garcia

Dr. Med. Susanne Esser

She graduated from the University of Cologne. Specialist in internal medicine. Holistic internist with a focus on cardiovascular prevention, gender medicine and palliative medicine. Founder and owner of the Dr Esser Medical Center since 2020, Mallorca.

Dr. Med. Susanne Esser

Dr. Med. Fritz A. Nobbe

Studies of Human Medicine, University of Freiburg. Specialization in neurology in Lübeck, Barcelona and Aachen. Close and direct collaboration with neurosurgeons, interventional radiologists and vascular surgeons in complex neurological diseases.

Dr. Med. Fritz A. Nobbe

Dr. Med. Nele Braun 

Gynaecologist and Obstetrician, University of Hamburg. Focus on ultrasound diagnostic (pregnancy, breast, vaginal ultrasound) and hormonal treatment in menopause with bioidentical hormones.

Dr. Med. Nele Braun

Dr. Med. Joachim Schreck

Studies in human medicine (Heidelberg). Specialist for child and adolescent psychiatry as well as psychotherapist for children and adults. Family therapist. He ran a psychiatric practice in Cologne for 20 years. Since 2017 he lives and works on Mallorca island.

Dr. Med. Joachim Schreck

Dr. Monika Brück Reutlingen

Dermatologist , specialist in aesthetic and anti aging medicine, Expert in epigenetics and longevity. Founder of Dr. Brück Skincare.

Dr. Monika Brück Reutlingen

Mrs. Adriana Lichtenstein

Certified EFT practitioner focussing on the resolution of traumatic experiences. Yin Yoga teacher for more flexibility and younger appearance. Living Coach. Main responsible of the Mallorca Institute Holistic Health and Wellbeing.

Adriana Lichtenstein

Mr. Samba Marcel Sy 

Medical massage therapist certified in Cologne. Knowledge about different types of wellness massage treatments such as ayurveda abhayanga, hot stones massages, and fascia treatment. Currently working in a physiotherapy department at the Palma Clinic.

Samba Marcel Sy

Mrs. Anne Draeger

She is physiotherapist since 2008, specialized in neurology. Manual lymph drainage. Hippo therapist since 2018. She is a self-employed physiotherapist and equine osteopath in Mallorca since that year.

Anna Draeger

Mr. Maximilian Schröter

Physiotherapist and osteopath since 2012, self-employed for over 3 years in Mallorca. He offers: visceral osteopathy, chiropractic, cranio-sacral therapy and kinesiotaping.

Maximilian Schröter

Mr. Pere Galiana

Physiotherapist, osteopath and specialist in manual therapy for 28 years. Specialist in psychosomatic. Professor of physiotherapy for 15 years at the University of the Balearic Islands. He is a meditation instructor and spiritual guide in trainings & retreats.

Pere Galiana

Mrs. Bárbara Ramis

She is a reflexotherapist since 1995. Spa manager since 2008. Specialist beautician since 2008. Distributor and trainer of professionals at Alissi Bronte Laboratories, Balearic Islands.

Barbara Ramis

Mrs. Dya Touffier

Clinical psychologist and yoga teacher. She is specialized in clinical psychology and psychopathology. She has been seeing patients in Bangkok and Phuket for 8 years. She worked as a yoga instructor in Phuket, with many professional athletes. 

Dya Touffier

Mrs. Elena Sosa Tejerina

High Performance Psychologist. Flow State Expert. 15 years within the High-Performance industry. Her expertise covers elite athletes, executives and artists. She worked with many top 50 WTA/ATP players, World Record holders, and Premier League football players. 

Elena Sosa Tejerina

Mrs. Gema Torrens

UIB-Certified Psychologist, she has been teaching at this university since 2001. She does private practice as a clinical psychologist. She is specialized in EMDR for trauma and trained in NLP and IFS (Internal Family System) therapy.

Gema Torrens

Mrs. Selina Baumann

Certified in Positive Psychology in 2017 and Yoga & Philosophy in 2010. She works as a (Dance/Yoga) teacher & coach for more than 10 years. She focuses on making a positive connection between body and mind.

Selina Baumann

Mrs. Matea Koren

Matea Koren, living coach, personal assistance 24h, certified masseuse & sports trainer.  Yoga and meditation teacher. Also, Tao Calligraphy healing ambassador.

Matea Koren

Mr. Georg Heindl  

Private chef, 16 years of experience as a chef. Various Michelin-star restaurants in Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria and Australia.  Trained in various forms of nutrition.

Georg Heindl

Mr. Txema Blay

Cooking studies at the Escola d’Hosteleria de les Illes Balears (2008). Fifteen years with experience as Chef in the most exclusive Hotels in Balearic Islands. Head department of kitchen since 2019 in Mallorca. 

Txema Blay

Mrs. Sam Capon 

Psychologist in organizational, occupational, neuropsychology, and cognitive behavioural psychology. Her focus is on empowering clients through education and active engagement in mental health. 

Sam Capon

Mr. Israel de Madariaga

Personal Trainer. Certified as Advance Personal Trainer (level 4 EHFA) European Health and Fitness Association. Functional Rehabilitation and high-performance coaching.

Israel de Madariaga

Mrs. Blanca Muntaner

Master in sports physiotherapy, and athletic trainer certificate and a master in pelvic floor therapy. She has worked in the Rafa Nadal academy and worked in american university sports.

Blanca Muntaner

Director of business development with over 20 years of experience in the aeronautic sector.  Since 2019, developing and implementing business plans and marketing strategies within the mental health field.

Mrs. Laura Picó

Laura Picó

Business development director &

Co-Founder of Tyrion Exclusive Retreats

UIB-Certified Psychologist (2005) Balearic Islands, with special end-of-degree award. Yoga teacher, meditation & mindfulness trainer. Coordinated European health research teams for 8 years. Over 15 years of experience in mental health care for patients.

Mrs. Nicole T. Blay

Nicole T. Blay

Medical management director &

Co-Founder of Tyrion Exclusive Retreats

Degree in psychology in 2009 (UIB), master's degree in clinical psychology. Extensive experience in clinical practice with patients in different clinics. Management tasks in the human resources department within the tourism sector over 5 years. Head of HHRR at Tyrion Exclusive Retreats. 

Mr. Eduardo Prieto 

Eduardo Prieto

Human Resources Manager

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