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Embark on a Journey of Renewal with Tyrion

Nestled in the serene beauty of Mallorca, we offer bespoke retreats designed to renew your mind, body, and spirit. Each retreat is a unique blend of luxury, privacy, and professional care, tailored to your individual journey towards wellness and personal growth. Join us to rediscover balance, vitality, and a renewed sense of purpose in an oasis of tranquility.


The Length of the program depends on the program option and your personal needs. We recommend 2-4 weeks for an optimal result. Prices starts from 25.000 € per week depending on the category of the chosen villa and the booked medical and therapeutical services.

Man walking in beautiful nature of Mallorca

Burnout syndrome / Depression / Anxiety / Life crisis / Break-ups processes / Grieve periods / Ikigai research / Long term medical recovery / ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) / Trauma & PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) / OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) / ED (eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia) / Internet, Gaming, Screen Addictions / Tobacco addiction

What do we treat?

In your quest for personal evolution, our Individualized Retreats Recovery Programs are crafted to foster significant life changes. We collaborate with you to curate a program that rebalance your body, soul, and mind, instilling a sense of purpose, self-esteem, and resilience. Specially designed for high-profile individuals. We follow strict protocols that provide the utmost privacy from the first call to aftercare. Our private villa venues are tucked away in peaceful locations to ensure a serene stay.

Individualized Retreats

Recovery Programs

Peak performance athlet training in villa Mallorca

Recovering from physical injuries / Recovering from competition burnout and mental exhaustion / Motivation programs aimed at high performance / Rebalance in rest periods between competitions / Stress management skills and mindfulness training / Guiding in retiring processes

What do we treat?

Our Peak Performance Initiatives cater to the nuanced needs of high-performing athletes. We understand the delicate balance between training, competition, and emotional well-being. Our programs focus on enhancing performance, managing stress, and preventing burnout, ensuring you remain at the pinnacle of your abilities. We develop a comprehensive mental health framework to support elite athletes. We provide them support and guidance. We coordinate activities related to professional development needs and individual goal-setting.

Peak Performance Initiatives

Woman practice yoga in villa Mallorca

Fertility programs / Perinatal care and perinatal difficulties (pregnancy, afterbirth, postnatal depression) / doulas accompaniment / Support in grieving processes during miscarriage / Support during break up processes / Treatment for workaholism / Support in women leadership / Accompaniment in the changes and challenges in menopause

What do we treat?

Embracing the unique journey of womanhood, our programs are a celebration of female strength and solidarity. We address the distinct challenges women face in leadership, motherhood, and more, providing a nurturing space for sharing, support, and empowerment.

Programs Tailored for

Women‘s Well-being

Your Path to Renewal

Imagine a retreat tailored just for you. Select from our exquisite range of luxury villas, each a private haven where transformation begins. Our health expert team, from wellness therapists to medical experts, crafts a personalized experience focusing on your specific needs – be it overcoming burnout, dealing with life‘s challenges, or simply finding your inner peace. Even if you want to get our expert support after your treatment, our team offers you an exclusive personalized aftercare service.


Customized mental health support and care

At Tyrion, a highly qualified and empathetic team awaits to address your needs with utmost care. Our psychiatrists, psychologists, coaches, and wellness professionals will attentively listen and craft a personalized plan just for you.

Woman gets customized mental health support


Personalized medical services and diagnostics

You'll be in the hands of our exceptional medical team, offering their expertise and extensive experience. We ensure all medical specialties required for your treatment are meticulously managed.

Woman and doctor medical diagnostics


Tailored nutritional plans with unique Chefs

We emphasize mindful and healthy eating as a key component of your healing journey. Our nutritionists will consult with you to create a personalized program, complemented by our chefs' exquisite culinary delights, ranging from Ayurvedic to Mediterranean cuisine.

Woman appreciates tailored nutritional plans


Diverse welness therapies for holistic balance

We recognize you as a complete, wonderful being. Our holistic approach equally nurtures your mind, body, soul, and emotions. From yoga to meditation and various wellness treatments, you will experience the best in healing and relaxation.

Welness therapies for holistic balance


Exciting activities for enjoyment and relaxation

Beyond treatments, Mallorca offers a paradise for year-round enjoyment. Whether it's hiking, diving, golfing, exploring exclusive restaurants and shops in Palma, or immersing in cultural experiences, we cater to your every interest.

Woman practice yoga in front of stunning Mallorca villa
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