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On the Island of Mallorca

Integrated medical and holistic wellness, exclusively tailored for one client at a time.

Embracing Change

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From the depths of stress and despair to a life of power, calm, and self-determination.

At Tyrion, we believe in the transformative power of personalized care. Each individual‘s journey from stress to serenity is unique. We‘re here to guide you on this path, offering a sanctuary for your mental, physical, and emotional renewal. 


Embark on a Journey of Personal Transformation with us.

Founder of Tyrion Laura Pico and Nicole T. Blay
Laura Picó   &   Nicole T. Blay

Our approach is holistic and entirely bespoke.

 From mindfulness practices to physical therapies or specific medical treatments, each aspect of your stay is designed to align with your personal transformation goals. At Tyrion, we integrate the best of luxury, privacy, and professional care to create a truly transformative experience.

Holistic and Bespoke

Your Path to Renewal

Imagine a retreat tailored just for you. Select from our exquisite range of luxury villas, each a private haven where transformation begins. Our health expert team, from wellness therapists to medical experts, crafts a personalized experience focusing on your specific needs – be it overcoming burnout, dealing with life‘s challenges, or simply finding your inner peace. Even if you want to get our expert support after your treatment, our team offers you an exclusive personalized aftercare service.

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Individualised Retreats

Recovery Programs

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Peak Performance


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Programs Tailored for

Women‘s Well-being

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Your Dreams are closer than you think.

Mallorca - 

A Sanctuary for Renewal

Mallorca‘s allure lies in its perfect blend of relaxation and vitality. With stunning sports facilities and diverse activities, it caters to the dynamic spirit.


The island‘s accessibility and mild weather year-round make it an ideal retreat. Here, the Mediterranean‘s wholesome cuisine nourishes your journey to wellness, while the serene landscape ensures a peaceful escape. 


In Mallorca, recovery and rejuvenation are not just promised; they‘re delivered in the island‘s tranquil embrace.


Connect with us to begin crafting your

personalized path to transformation.

Ready to take the first step

towards a powerful, calm,

and self-determined life?

Man relaxed enjoing the stunning views of Mallorca

Triumphs of Our Guests

Discover stories of those who‘ve walked this path before you. From high-performing athletes to top-tier professionals, our guests have overcome their struggles and emerged stronger, calmer, and more self-assured.

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